The exhibition QUANTUM at CCCB allows to analyse how the nine quantum physics postulates shake both our world’s vision and human’s future.

Quantum physics describes the fundamental laws of the world that remain hidden from the senses. It is the human theory that most accurately describes nature today. In many aspects, it is a stunning theory, subject to criticism and of great philosophical scope.

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Two intertwined itineraries

The exhibition is set out from arts + science dialogic, suggesting two itineraries that live together in the same space. The scientific itinerary considers nine quantum concepts: Scales, Quantum states, Superposition, Entanglement, Randomness, Uncertainty, Open science , Everyday Quantum Physics and Change-evolution.

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The artistic itinerary is formed by ten artists-in-residence at CERN and the art works they conceived during their stay in Geneva: Semiconductor, Juan Cortés, Lea Porsager, HRM199, Yunchul Kim, James Bridle, Yu-Chen Wang, , Julieta Aranda, Diann Bauer i Suzanne Treister.


The blackboard as a basis

Facing the discursive dualism, we build a spatial narrative understanding the walls as big blackboards. They are Scientifics working surface with formulas: the laboratory. From these blackboards emerge the nine concepts as its folds. On the other hand, art installations are placed freely at the space and only its ten definition signs are organized hanging from the pillars of the exhibition room. This way can be read more clearly the freedom an artist can look at quantum science with.



Layers and planes

This system plays with layers and visual planes constantly overlapped. It can always be seen an element at first plane and one or more objects in subsequent planes. Playing with depth of field, we can achieve a visually complex space and at the same time we allow each space to have its own contents and identity.



In the scientific itinerary, The nine concepts are written with chalk on the blackboard and all the wall labels in transparent Plexiglas, so instead of becoming a visual barrier they become one more layer in a separated plane. In the art itinerary, graphic panels are executed by milling the text over the aluminium, strengthening the technical character with both material and technique.    

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