Polònia el musical

The hotel of Polònia, the Musical is a system that allows to shape a whole host of situations from the concrete movement of architectural elements. A neutral façade that moves back and forth, exterior when ahead, interior when behind. A pathway which becomes a rooftop, a basement, a hall’s lamp or a room’s ceiling. Boxes that contain the furniture elements of a room: wardrobe, bed, doors and shelves, organised in different ways to be different rooms. Everything is meant to be a big and complex board, with clearly defined game rules. An extremely tidy structure to highlight the script still further.

“Where would you put a room for the kids?”

 This project arises from this question. From building a place and a way of living. From building a space which is able to evolve and grow with its inhabitants, according to their tastes and needs, and turn into two rooms.  Which becomes Jan’s and Bruna’s home.



Espai Escènic Jordi Queralt  |  Col·laboradors Toni Corbella + Guilhèm Vilches  | Text Jordi Galceran + Minoria Absoluta  | Direcció Xavier Ricart | Il·luminació Jaume Ventura  | Construcció Taller d’escenografia Castells + Pascualin | Producció Minoria Absoluta | Estrena Teatre Poliorama 2014

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