El petit príncep

The journey carried out by The Little Prince makes him travel the world and many other planets. This theatrical trip means that the space changes and evolves along with the character. Corporeal dunes perform as screens, move around the space in different configurations, and allow the projected video to make the audience travel to the imaginary universes of The Little Prince.

“Where would you put a room for the kids?”

 This project arises from this question. From building a place and a way of living. From building a space which is able to evolve and grow with its inhabitants, according to their tastes and needs, and turn into two rooms.  Which becomes Jan’s and Bruna’s home.



Escenografia i atrezzo Jordi Queralt | Escenografia i video Desilence Studio | Ajudants d’escenografia: Toni Corbella + Guilhèm VilchesIl·luminació Albert Faura | Text Antoine de Saint-Exupéry | Adaptació Marc Artigau | Direcció Àngel Llàcer | Música Manu Guix | Producció LaPerla29+Àngel Llàcer+Manu Guix | Fotografia: David Ruano 

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