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The shelter is a roof in a public area for shielding an activity, a public action. For building a place of action, supporting it in terms of visibility and protecting it from adverse weather conditions. The condition of being detachable and transportable forces it to be a light constructive system that can be easily installed with no foundation, as well as adaptable to the site conditions, and to modulation and repetition.

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Modulation and assembly

The shelter’s modulation allows for its adaptation to different purposes as needed. Simply adding or removing any module. This modulation allows a gradual setup that can be carried out by two people. From the assembly of each module’s parts, the fink beam’s wire gets taut, and therefore it brings stiffness to the whole structure.

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About the place

The shelter seeks not to separate from its installation placement. This way, the materials used avoid isolation from its surroundings. The roof, made of cellular polycarbonate panels, lets daylight to go through and to glimpse the trees and the sky. The vertical enclosures do not reach either the ceiling or the ground, aiming to let both air and sight to go across it, and the horizontal plane dominates over the vertical ones.



The ability to adapt to different plots is solved by steel plates with a slotted hole. These steel plates are used at every joint between different planes, while they work out at the floor.

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