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Photobook Phenomenon

Red Peter, born in Gold Coast, is required to present a report about his past monkeyish life before a group of academics. However, he ends up explaining how he went from being

a free monkey to become a human being fully devoted to the entertainment industry. He narrates and relives the first memories of his particular transformation, which started one evening, while he was running to drink water, and was captured by the company Hagenbeck after receiving two shots. He explains in detail the moments he lived on the tweendeck of the ship that carried him: when he heard sailors walking in front of the crate where he was locked, when he listened how they talked to each other, and how, thanks to observation, he started learning to interact and behave just as them, in order to survive. Once he reached land, a dichotomy came up: zoo park or variety shows. He had no doubt.

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The scene is delimited by a staggered 5x5m square, which is the supervised freedom space where Red Peter lives. Inside, he describes his experience and feelings, but never getting out from its boundaries.

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Red Peter opens, runs, closes... modifies these 25m2 to tell his journey, his experience and his feelings.




Premi Butaca a la millor escenografia 2015
Premi de la Crítica a la millor escenografia 2015
Selecció premis FAD Espais Efímers 2015


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