A lighthouse is at the same time a map and a territory.

It is a milestone in the landscape, a reference element that uses light to delimit the territory. A code that can be recognized by its circular light movement.

An icon from the common urban imagination, which articulates legends and stories around itself.

An allegory which challenges the visible and invisible nature of our cities.

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The light of the lighthouse invites all the visitors to get closer and to immerse in its environment, where the soundscape and the constantly changing light enter in a dynamic dialogue.

With a slight bowing gesture the spectators enter in the lighthouse, where the vibrations of the reverberating sound and the changing kaleidoscope of light, create a hypnotic sensorial experience.


The hexagonal kaleidoscopic shape makes the interior space a constantly changing spectacle of reflections, light and color. The trumpet-like shape of the interior space reinforces the sound that comes from the top of the lighthouse, which activates an intense interaction with the surrounding outer sound that, which placed at 360º, follows the same rotational rhythm as the light beam.

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“ The lighthouses are living creatures. They do not only take part in the landscape. It is more: they create it.”

Manuel Rivas


Conceptualització i disseny Queralt Suau | Producció Blanc Produccions | Construcció Jaume Grau | Lloc Gau Zuria 2019, Bilbao

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