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Queralt Suau is an architecture studio that explores transversal formats based on the interaction between space, time and narrative.
The interest to cross disciplines, techniques and contents defines us.
We design exhibitions where space becomes a tool to signify content.
We build scenic spaces that evolve and transform through action.
We intervene the city with permanent and temporary installations, through play, critical and strategic thinking or itinerant exhibitive formats.
We are involved in education, both through research and teaching, and by designing educational tools.
We work on different scales, from the domestic environment to projects that use architecture as a communication tool.
From conceptualization to construction, we consider projects as particular and unique elements with their own intrinsic coherence.


Finalista premis FAD 2020 Ciutat i Paisatge per "Balena playground"
Premi Butaca 2017 millor espectacle de Dansa per “Sweet Tyranny"
Selecció FAD 2014 “Informe per a una acadèmia”
Premi Butaca 2014 a millor escenografia per “Informe per a una acadèmia”
XVII Premi de la Crítica 2014 a millor espai escènic per “Informe per a una acadèmia”
Selecció a Arquia Proxima 2014 pel projecte l’”Escala”
Premi Bulthaup Access 2013 per “Cas Bouer”

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Carrer de l´Àngel, 10 
08012 Barcelona 
Telf. + 34 699 385 069

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