Sweet Tyranny

Based on iconic choreographies of musical films from the disco era (70s and 80s), this piece portrays an analogy between dance as ecstasy and evasion and dance as work and profession within a palindromic structure which works as a distorting mirror that enlarges and twists this relationship to make us stop and think about our own professional and existential reality.

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The moving image


The relationship between video image and movement is so close that it was imperative for the choreography to approach the video, rather than that the video approaches and dances with the interpreters. This is how the two screens are designed, being able to move independently around the space.

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In the first part, zenithal light “avoids” screen’s positions, and acts as a ceiling closing the space because of the staggered lighting bars. In the second part, the same matrix works in a different way, drawing patterns and evolutions according to the choreography.

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Premi Butaca 2017 millor espectacle de Dansa per “Sweet Tyranny”


Concepte, direcció i coreografia Pere Faura | Direcció, espai escènic i il·luminació Queralt Suau | Direcció i dramatúrgia Esteve Soler | Intèrprets  Claudia Solwat, Miquel Fiol, Laura Alcalà, Sarah Anglada, Pere Faura, Amaranta Velarde, Javi Vaquero, Raquel Gualtero | Video creació Joan Escofet | Il·luminació Sergio Roca i QS | Disseny de so Ramon Ciércoles | Vestuari Jorge Dutor | Producció executiva Sandra Casals, Blanc Produccions |

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