Suite is the transformation of a space into a universe of sound and visual reflections. An installation inaugurated during the Gau Zuria at the Torre Iberdrola in Bilbao. An installation performed by three cellists playing J. S. Bach’s Suite No.3 in G minor variations under a large reflective foil hanging from the ceiling of the building’s hall, flying over the visitors. Music and lighting swing, moving back and forth.

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A space inside a space

The large foil droops drawing three inverted curves, redefining the interior perception of the space. Building a space inside of a space, a space that can be walked through thanks to the arrangement of the musicians, distributed along the path. A continuous cover at fluctuating heights, lifted above the musicians.


Reflection and transparency

The material used, emergency thermal blanket, has two sides: one silver and one golden. By putting the golden side face down, many reflections are created, which enhance at highest spaces. On the other hand, the silver and more transparent side vanishes in the highest points, where vertices meet.


Conceptualització, disseny i construcció Queralt Suau | Producció Blanc Produccions | Fotografies Jesús Arenas | Lloc Torre Iberdrola, Bilbao

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