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RAW is a prototype that supports free and safe play in the city through the temporary transformation of public space. It is an open and modular system formed by prefabricated units of compacted earth, adaptable to the circumstances of the environment.
It is based on a single piece that can be stacked and arranged in different configurations. This generates levels, sequences, and corners that endow the public space with qualities that attract activities related to the school environment.

“Where would you put a room for the kids?”

 This project arises from this question. From building a place and a way of living. From building a space which is able to evolve and grow with its inhabitants, according to their tastes and needs, and turn into two rooms.  Which becomes Jan’s and Bruna’s home.



The use of earth as a building material for ephemeral architecture may seem paradoxical, but it has many advantages. The earth can be given a variety of finishes; as proof of this, RAW uses it in three different densities: pre-made, hand-compacted and loose. This variability adds complexity to the uses and resulting game types. In addition, earth is a natural, reusable and recyclable material, with a very low carbon footprint.

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