Polònia el musical

The hotel of Polònia, the Musical is a system that allows to shape a whole host of situations from the concrete movement of architectural elements. A neutral façade that moves back and forth, exterior when ahead, interior when behind. A pathway which becomes a rooftop, a basement, a hall’s lamp or a room’s ceiling. Boxes that contain the furniture elements of

a room: wardrobe, bed, doors and shelves, organised in different ways to be different rooms. Everything is meant to be a big and complex board, with clearly defined game rules. An extremely tidy structure to highlight the script still further.

“Where would you put a room for the kids?”

 This project arises from this question. From building a place and a way of living. From building a space which is able to evolve and grow with its inhabitants, according to their tastes and needs, and turn into two rooms.  Which becomes Jan’s and Bruna’s home.


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